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jedna porcja 11zł
półtorej porcji 15zł
podwójna porcja 19zł

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jedna porcja 13zł
półtorej porcji 18zł
podwójna porcja 23zł

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EFES Kebab Turkish Bar, Francuska Street PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 16 December 2011 17:02

EFES Kebab

EFES Kebab Bar in 1 Francuska Street

This is our first place at the intersection of Zwycięzców and Francuska Street, where we have been serving specialities of original Turkish cuisine for over 17 years. Opening the Turkish restaurant in Saska Kępa in 1994, we were the first kebab place in the capital! For the inhabitants of Warsaw it is a cult place what was shown in the results of the ranking for the best kebab conducted by TVN Warszawa.

Getting to the bar in 1 Francuska Street.

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Restaurant in Al. Niepodległości 80

Restaurant in Al. Niepodległości

See how our Turkish restaurant in Al. Niepodległości look, phone, book a table and come

+48 22 898 30 01

Open Monday - Sunday

11:00 - 21:00

Bar in 1 Francuska Street

Turkish bar in Francuska Street

We invite on excellent kebab to the place, which is a Turkish bar in Francuska Street.

+48 22 616 25 80

Open Monday - Sunday

10:00 - 22:00